You all probably know by now that I love Excel (and if you didn’t know, where have you been?).  Whenever I want to know the answer to a calculation I usually type in a formula (I usually always have a spreadsheet open somewhere on my laptop!), but sometimes only a calculator will do.

So, what do you do if you haven’t got one nearby? Of course there’s the option of going to the start button, typing in calculator and opening one through Windows.  But, did you know the same feature is also available in Excel? Once it’s added to your toolbar, you can access it with one click of the mouse 🙂

It’s actually hidden by default, so in order to access it you’ll need to add it to your toolbar.

2007 Version

Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar and select More Commands.

Then under Choose commands from: click All Commands, then scroll down to Calculator, click Add and OK.

The icon will now appear on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Click on the icon to view the calculator – you can even view a scientific, statistics or programmer type of calculator!

2003 Version

Click on View in the toolbar, select Toolbars and Customize…

In the Commands tab, select Tools and click on Custom (with the grey calculator next to it), then drag that to the toolbar and the icon will appear there.

Now you have a calculator at your fingertips 🙂