Below is a list of top tips to gaining better time management:-

1.  GOALS – Write down long-term realistic goals and break them down into how you’re going to achieve them.

Put this list somewhere you can see it every day.

2.  TO DO LIST – Every evening make a list of tasks for the following morning, that way there’s no time wasted the next morning trying to remember what you had to do! (wine tends to make you forgetful the next morning!)

3.  PRIORITISE – Stop spending time on the trivial things!  Don’t fuss over routine admin tasks – delegate or automate them.  Better still, outsource them to me!

4.  SAY NO! – Don’t be afraid to say NO.  Stop trying to please everyone all the time!

5.  ‘YOU’ TIME – Set aside time for You. Don’t let anyone schedule anything for the time you’ve put aside – be selfish – this is time you’ve earned for yourself – you deserve it.  Create time for balance in your life!

Tip Number 3 is especially good and should definitely be followed – but then I’m biased!