Following on from yesterday’s post on Excel, I thought I’d list the same keyboard shortcuts for Word.  The majority of them are identical to those used in Excel but there are a couple of different ones used for formatting which may be useful to know.

Ctrl + A Selects the whole document

Ctrl + B Makes the selected text bold

Ctrl + C Copies the selected text

Ctrl + D Displays the Font dialogue box

Control + D opens up the Font dialogue box

Ctrl + E Toggles the paragraph between centred and left aligned

Ctrl + F Displays the Find dialogue box

Ctrl + G Displays the Go To dialogue Box

Typing Ctrl + G displays the Go To dialogue box

Ctrl + H Displays the Replace dialogue box

Ctrl + I Makes the selected text italic

Ctrl + J Toggles the paragraph between justified and left aligned

Ctrl + K Displays the insert a Hyperlink dialogue box

Ctrl + L Left aligns a paragraph

Ctrl + M Indents a paragraph from the left

Ctrl + N Creates a new default document

Ctrl + O Displays the Open dialogue box

Ctrl + P Displays the Print dialogue box

Ctrl + Q Removes paragraph formatting

Ctrl + R Right aligns a paragraph

Ctrl + S Saves the active document

Ctrl + T Creates a hanging indent

Ctrl + U Underlines the selected text

Ctrl + V Pastes copied or cut text into the document

Ctrl + W Closes the active document

Ctrl + X Cuts the selected text

Ctrl + Y Repeats the last repeatable action

Ctrl + Z Undoes the last action

As in my previous post, all of these shortcuts can be viewed  by hovering over the relevant icon in the task ribbon.

So there you have the most basic shortcuts for formatting Word & Excel.  Next time I’ll get into the rest of the keys…Shift / Alt / Function Keys.

Happy typing 🙂