Seriously….. why do I find blogging so hard to do?  Or more specifically why do I find it hard to post on this blog?  I’ve spent the weekend thinking about what my next post should be but my mind was blank!  Instead I posted on my other blog which is just a hobby.  If I can do it so easily for my hobby which I’m passionate about then why can’t I find it as easy to do for my business?  I’m passionate about that too – I’m good at what I do, I love being a Virtual Assistant and helping people, I love working from home and being my own boss so why does my head hurt when I think about this blog?!

I’m not brilliant at writing.  “Really?” (I hear you say ;)).  I’ve never been a writer and I don’t pretend to be, but I know how important a blog is for business.  I know that good content is key – maybe this is why I struggle posting on my own blog?  Whenever I think about posting on here I immediately think of all the keywords I should be including and I think this is what sends me into a bit of a panic.

I’ve been reading tips on how to blog and one of the areas I struggle with most is knowing what to write about.  A useful tip is to think about any questions that you’ve been asked recently and maybe write a post answering that question.  If one person has asked the question then chances are others may also want to know.

So, my plan now is to start making a list of all the questions I’m asked about my business and hopefully that should keep the blog going for a while!

In the meantime, I’ll also be posting short tutorials on basic Excel 2007 for those of you who may not know it all that well, so if any of you need to know anything specific, please feel free to leave a comment.