Working as a virtual assistant means keeping a record of my time is vital for my clients to know how long certain tasks take.  There are plenty of timesheet recording apps available to download – I’d personally recommend MyWorkTime app.

There are also a lot of timesheet tracking websites if you prefer to use one that’s pc based.  For the last 2 years I have used one that has now updated their model to an “improved” version. I won’t name & shame them as it still works well and users may actually prefer this newer version. I, however, don’t! I’m not keen on their reporting side of it & I end up spending a lot of time formatting the data in Excel.

So I thought why not just create my own version in Excel?!

I know there are timesheet templates that you can already download in Excel but I wanted to create one from scratch so I know it contains information relevant to me.  Over the next month or so my tutorials will show you exactly how to create your own working timesheet.

The posts will be split into 4 easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials as listed below:

Part 1

Create a simple spreadsheet & column headings

Format as a table

Create lists ready for data validation


 Part 2

Breakdown of formulas needed ready for data entry


 Part 3

Format the table for data validation

Input the information


Part 4

Create pivot table to analyse / prepare data ready for invoicing

Create charts for visual aid & save as pdf ready to send to client with the invoice

I hope you will find these tutorials useful and obviously the information can be used for all sorts of spreadsheet work and not just for timesheets 🙂