Firstly, Happy New Year 🙂

I love January – it’s like having a big reset button, all those promises & goals spread out for the rest of the year (but then I also love Mondays for the same reason)! What resolutions have you made this year for your business? To be more productive? To be more efficient with your costs and time?

In order to help you achieve your goals, have you thought about outsourcing your administration? It’s amazing how many tasks you have to deal with as a small business owner on a daily basis.  You’ll probably find that more than 50% of your valuable time is taken up by tasks that should really be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

One of the things I recommend all business owners should do is accurately record every task that you do every day for at least a week.  You’ll be surprised at how much time is essentially wasted when it comes to pure business creativity and forward development.  Listed below are a few examples of how a virtual assistant can help with your everyday admin…

1.  Usernames and Passwords Handling

How many websites do you go on to that require registration? Some of the sites are secure, of course, while others don’t really contain any sensitive information but want to restrict access.  A virtual assistant can help keep a secure database of all of this information leaving one less thing for you to worry about 🙂

2.  Testimonials

Your business is only as good as it’s reputation.  In order to maintain a reputation it is important to get testimonials back from customers.  As a small business owner you can be forgiven for not getting around to doing this.  A virtual assistant can create a feedback form and obtain testimonials on a regular basis.  These can then be added to your social media marketing and website.

3.  Data Entry / Word Processing

How much data do you generate within your business?  Is it being used accurately and correctly? A virtual assistant can help to ensure that all of these individual pieces of data are input into the relevant database, spreadsheet or contact management application.

4.  Internet Research

We all know and use the power of Google.  It can be a fantastic resource but also a very time consuming one.  A virtual assistant can search for information that is relevant to any specific issue or topic.  They have the added ability of being able to find information through resources that may otherwise have been invisible, adding to the knowledge base of the small business owner.

These are just some examples of how a virtual assistant can take away your administrative headache. If you have a small business and want to know more of how I could help with your admin, please feel free to contact me.